What to do when your Bubble app breaks?

When it comes to software, it’s practically unheard of for an app to have zero hitches during and after the development phase regardless of how rigorous the testing is. But don’t let this deter you from building your own no-code app. Think of it this way: since apps break all the time, there’s no shortage of people who can help you when it happens to you.

Here’s what to do when your Bubble app breaks.

Identify the problem

The best way to approach a problem is to identify its root cause. There are different reasons why an app breaks, but we’ve listed some common reasons and what to do about them.

Poor network management

If your app is heavily dependent on network access, poor connectivity can lead to frequent crashes. Many app builders may unknowingly create apps that assume users will always have fast and stable connections. The best way to avoid this is to test network-dependent apps on slow and fast networks to see how they can make the experience seamless in both scenarios.

Poor memory management

As an app builder, you have to always have the end-user in mind. Many developers build with the mindset that theirs is the only app that’s going to be running on a device. This, however, is highly unrealistic. Your app needs to be able to run properly while being part of a bigger ecosystem, so you need to consider the competition between resources during the building process.

Inadequate testing

The necessity of testing is a given. Again, test with the user in mind. It’s important to anticipate how users access and utilize the application. In other words, your app will be accessed by people with different resources, so it’s important to test under these conditions.

Additionally, what app builders have to remember is that this certainly isn’t limited to just the development phase. When your app breaks, feedback is invaluable. Take what you know back to the drawing board and test again.

What else can be done?

When your app is fixed, the work doesn’t stop there. Remember, the value of an app lies not only in its utility but in its reliability. Realistically, your app might still break in the future, but there are additional steps you can take to ensure future crashes aren’t as bad.

Implement a better error handling process

Any app user will tell you that if an app keeps crashing without any explanation it’ll eventually stop being used. Circling back to network issues, note that this may not always lead to your app breaking. However, it certainly dampens the user experience.

It’s a good idea to terminate any process that causes an error and, more importantly, informs the user. A proper notification mechanism can do wonders. When people understand what happened and why it happened, they’ll be a bit less irritated by the situation. Where possible, include steps users can take to remedy the situation as well.

Turn to the Bubble community

Learning by doing is a great way to fix app issues, but sometimes, it just makes more sense to ask for help. When you build with Bubble, you not only get access to a great no-code platform, but you also get access to the Bubble community.

The Bubble community gives you access to FAQs and forums with fellow Bubble users and experts where you can ask for advice. There are millions of Bubble users worldwide, which makes the community a great repository for app-building insights. 

It’s also a place where you can stay updated on any news or issues related to the Bubble platform. As a no-code app builder, it’s imperative that you’re aware of any bugs on the platform you’re using.

Partner with a reliable agency

A misconception about no code is that it completely eliminates the need for professional developers. While no code gives you autonomy over your application, it’s still beneficial to team up with a trustworthy agency like MVP.dev to meet your building goals, especially if you’ve got an ambitious project. A no-code agency can help you make informed decisions and can ultimately speed up the app-building process.

Get started

Remember, the possibility of your app breaking shouldn’t deter you from building in the first place. Iteration will always be part of the process, and you can rest easy knowing that there is a community of Bubble users ready to help you the best way they can. But here’s a protip: one of the fastest ways for you to build your app is to partner with a good no-code agency. 

Get started on your app-building journey and give Bubblehelpers a call today!

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