Our Clients

We recognize that our clients are the experts in their industry so we make sure to provide development support that helps them turn their vision into reality. After all, our success is anchored in our client’s success.


Reliable providers of free and premium Bubble plugins used by over 5000 Bubblers.


Toodu is a comprehensive software solution for managing CPG brands and brokers, designed to boost collaboration, transparency, and productivity.


Skoolbod is a mobile/web software application developed by Safsecurity technologies that combine the benefits of education and technology for a seamless learning experience.

Student Review

We help in any aspect of development such as education, family, relationships – all the most important parts of life. We are proud to give back and further our mission of driving cross-generational growth and transformation through coaching.


Specialists in group insurance and group annuities. Because we must take care of people to ensure the future of tomorrow.


We do what we do because we’ve been in your shoes. TailFin was created by someone searching for a way to ditch the monster budget spreadsheet..


Healful is an app focused on enhancing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in teams. It offers personalized assessments and expert-led courses to improve self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. The app aims to transform workplace dynamics and boost productivity through better communication and conflict resolution.

Yard Pro

The YardPro app helps users map their properties with a focus on landscaping and irrigation systems. It uses GPS to mark visible and underground items like sprinkler heads and utility lines. This tool is especially useful for landscapers to create detailed property maps for homeowners.


Moxy is an innovative app aimed at improving workplaces for women through a data-driven approach. It provides a secure, anonymous platform for women to share experiences, helping organizations uncover challenges and implement inclusive policies to promote gender equity and workplace inclusivity, particularly in mid-to-senior level positions across Asia.


Careerisma.io is an AI-driven app designed to enhance professional careers. Users can upload their resumes for a free review and access advanced career branding services. The app simplifies the job search process, helping individuals focus on their career goals and achieve professional success more efficiently.


IPComms is an app that revolutionizes business communications with robust SIP Trunking and Cloud PBX solutions. It offers comprehensive services including inbound trunks, DID, DDI, 800 SIP origination, and unlimited two-way trunks, all with advanced features and simple pricing.


ChefLink is an app that connects users with private dining providers. Users can create an account, set their location and payment method, and search for chefs, caterers, and bartenders. The app allows users to filter by location and specialty, view profiles, send booking requests, and communicate to finalize event details.