How to stay sane as a Bubble Developer?

How to stay sane as a Bubble Developer?

Bubble is stronger than ever today, but the app developing process isn’t without stress. No matter how intuitive the no-code platform is, feeling burnt out and confused are normal sensations. 

Thankfully, there’s more than a handful of ways to stay sane as a Bubble developer. If you feel like you’re hanging on by a thread, here are a few tips you may want to consider:


Think about it, when’s the last time you’ve done something physical? How often do you move your body? Do you literally sit all day? If you’ve been neglecting your body, it will affect your concentration and mental stamina. As much as you are trying to work on your app, don’t forget to work on yourself. Do some physical activities! 

Before starting your work, give yourself half an hour to do simple exercises for your whole body like jumping jacks, lunges, and push-ups. Exercise will improve your emotional and mental well-being. According to the CDC, regular exercise can help maintain and improve your thinking, learning, and judgment skills. Exercise also releases endorphins which help reduce stress and lower the effects of depression and anxiety. 

Pomodoro Technique

In a sad situation, you can’t avoid working; try the Pomodoro technique. It’s a time management method that splits your work into 25 minutes, separated by a 5-minute break. After all, it’s not really productive in the long run when you attempt to finish a lengthy and challenging task in just one sitting with no rest. 

Working within a short and reasonable period with refreshing breaks is much easier, helps you to focus, and brings structure to your work process. 

Here are the easy steps to follow: 

  1. Established clear objectives to be achieved. 
  2. Set a timer for 25 minutes (You can download a similar Pomodoro like-app and make adjustments).
  3. Focus on the task. It’s better to avoid multitasking and distractions.
  4. When the timer rings, take your five-minute break. You can give yourself a treat for each break to motivate yourself.
  5. After four work sessions, have a refreshing 15-30 minute break. Then, return to step 2.

This is a great way to stay sane doing an impossible task. If you’re more of a procrastinator, don’t make the opposite Pomodoro. 

Hangout with your friends! 

Have you ever wondered how many anime shows usually defeat evil with the power of friendship? Because there’s nothing you can’t achieve without it. Also, you can’t put yourself in a self-induced solitary confinement.

We, humans, are social beings that need communication and meaningful connection. Work-related interactions with colleagues and online engagements aren’t the best way to socialize. You would want something that suits the human experience, which is basically going out and physically being with your friends. 

So go ahead, unwind and spend time personally with your friends! Have a drink, travel, play games, or do anything fun. It’s a great way to loosen up your stress and unlock your mind if it’s too clouded. 

Ask for help

No man is an island, friends! And when it comes to building dynamic and wonderful apps on Bubble, you don’t have to do it alone. Today, no-code tech teams like Bubble Helpers offer necessary aid for startups and budding no-code developers. 

Have problems with a few plugins? Can’t get a feature to work? Unsure about how to move forward? 

We’ve got you! Plus, it helps that our pricing schemes are super flexible, too, ensuring that there’s a plan that’s sure to fit your budget and needs. 

Sure, Bubble is a fantastic no-code platform to create fascinating and money-making apps. But remember, when you feel like your workload is too much to handle, there’s always someone to help!

What’s Next?

Do you have Bubble app problems you need help with? We’re the team for you! 

Give us a call today.

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