How to Find a Great Bubble App Developer?

How to Find a Great Bubble App Developer?

With life going at hyper speed, food isn’t the only fast or instant element people expect. Every consumer anticipates getting what they want or need with less effort and in a shorter amount of time. 

The same goes for building your own apps. Either for personal purposes or for a business move, creating an app can now be done with a shorter learning curve. This is where no-code builders come in. 

Bubble is a powerful and versatile no-code app builder where you don’t need years of coding education to get started. With easy drag-and-drop features and a legion of plugins for added functionalities, it’s the instant app-building platform any newbie developer can hope to find. 

Why Bubble?

Of all the emerging no-code app builders, Bubble is on top of every list for the best ones to use for good reason. 

  • Snappy responses

When it comes to apps, you’d want yours to perform as expected or even better than the thousands that get launched to the market every day. Users expect an immediate reaction when they tap, scroll, or hold down a button on an app and Bubble can give you that. 

  • User-friendly interface

The thing that makes no-code tools such a groundbreaking innovation is how easy making an app has become. With effortless drag-and-drop motion to add elements to your app, even new users can navigate through Bubble without needing training or prior coding experience. 

  • Faster production of Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

In any form of business, having high-quality products churned out at the quickest time can get you that winning edge over your competitors. Bubble’s expansive gallery of templates caters to any and every purpose getting you to where you want in a snap. 

  • Tremendous power in a small package

With very few limits to hold you back, Bubble is also packed with innovative plugins to add helpful features that can level your app up for your users. 

What to look for in a great Bubble app developer:

Partnering with a Bubble developer is not a matter to be taken lightly. In fact, it’s a crucial role in your journey to make sure that you find one that would deliver a stellar app that would add value to your brand. 

A focused and passionate mindset towards no-code and

Bubble app builders are a dime a dozen these days. But to sift through the rocks and find a gem, you need someone who doesn’t create apps for the sake of fulfilling your project but someone with a passion to make it all you envisioned it to be and maybe more. 

A well-motivated developer who goes just one more step further than the expectations will be the thing that makes your app exceptional. And with no-code innovation flowing speedily, you need someone whose interest is focused on the changes and adapts quickly — making sure you’re all ahead of the game. 

An agile working portfolio

It’s true that Bubble makes everything very simple, but working with someone who can work with any challenge thrown at them still works for your benefit. 

Understanding the different working methods of app building can either expedite or delay your production, which in turn, affects your budgeting and overall operations. 

So naturally, someone with a broad skill set and a profound understanding of Bubble and its features and plugins contributes substantially to your project. 

As an essential footnote, checking a Bubble app developer’s ability to match YOUR style and branding is a deciding factor whether they are a great match.

A clear communications channel

No matter the level of competency your Bubble app dev is, if you can’t communicate your goals and methods properly, the road to success will be a rocky one. 

Having to explain what you want repeatedly and redoing the same elements in your app because of misunderstanding will cost time, money, effort, and patience. Energy and resources you can utilize more productively. 

Therefore, having clear communication channels can cut out the stressful parts and efficiently get the job done better and faster. A well-oiled, high-functioning and positive teamwork will then be born.

Which kind of Bubble App Dev Do I need?

There are 2 kinds of developers you can choose to work with depending on your corporate needs, time constraints, and budget, among other priorities you might have for your business. 

  • Freelancers

Generally advisable for businesses with a budget or ones that have just started, freelance devs is the answer. A freelancer can work either contractually or as a permanent staff in to maintain your web app needs and making sure that your Bubble-powered app is always optimized. 

Hiring freelance Bubble app devs are also comparatively cheaper than the alternative because you’re paying a singular employee and can negotiate your budget limits more freely. Plus, if you choose a project-based contract, the cost of getting your app built won’t drag on and can save you money. 

  • No-code Web Developing Agencies

The alternative is partnering with a team of experts such as, who specialize in Bubble app building and has multiple pros handling your project. The pros of an added cost to get your app built is that it will be the collective and collaborative efforts, creativity, and skill of multiple people instead of just one. 

Naturally, agencies with a lot of experience and an impressive portfolio assures the quality of the end-product which means your investment wouldn’t go unrewarded. 

What’s Next?

When shopping for a great Bubble app developer, it’s important to remember these key elements to ensure that your partnership elevates your business venture and takes the burden of expanding your brand to the virtual market off your shoulders. 

If you’re on the lookout for a great Bubble developing team, we’re the ones to call. Contact us and get your app started today!

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