How to Choose a Support Plan That’s Right for Your Bubble App?

How to Choose a Support Plan That’s Right for Your Bubble App?

A premium no-code app builder doesn’t have to overshoot their pricing just to prove they are, indeed, elite. What Bubble offers is a customized ladder for whatever need there is on the market to climb the ranks of top-performing apps without taking the tedious road to a web dev degree just to make ONE app. With this as the goal, flexible subscription tiers are available to balance the budget and app feature needs of every client.

Benefits of Wielding Bubble to Create Your Brand App

  • No coding skills or knowledge needed

Convenience now comes in all shapes and sizes. And now, even app creation which once was only done by learned developers who’s had years of coding education is at the fingertips in days or weeks if anyone just takes the time to explore no-code builders like Bubble.

  • A newbie-friendly interface that’s easy to figure out

To make the process even easier that even newbie designers can navigate through, Bubble’s intuitive and user-friendly interface leaves no user confused. With well-thought schemas in every page and phase of your app-building, Bubble is sure to have its virtual lending hand to guide you through. 

  • Powerful features and plugins for added value

All your creative mind can perceive, Bubble can most probably make possible. With few limits to what you can structure your app to become, this powerful app builder is out to make your app dreams come true. With high-functioning features and access to plugins for added features, it’s sure to deliver as promised and maybe even more. 

  • Cost-effective. 

Getting the job done in less time. With the power and promise it’s packing, the Bubble no-code app builder also balances out its service tiers so it won’t be unreachable to those who might really need it. Startups and small businesses, in particular, can make the most out of their budget by looking into Bubble support plans that fit the bill. 

So you’ve finally decided and have found your business’ perfect no-code web app builder in Bubble — to create, revamp, or overhaul your brand’s app. Now what? 

The RIGHT plan

Although there are no hard NOs in choosing which plan works for you, there are strategic ways in determining which support plan suits you NOW. Depending on how much you’re willing to invest in a great app that will inevitably expand your market to the virtual audience and how much value you want your brand’s app to have by the amount of functionality you want to build into it, you can pick from the following:


If you’re looking to just test the waters and glimpse the Bubble experience without hard commitments, the monthly Starter pack is what you’re looking for. With the basic services that can be your gateway to building your own app, the monthly Starter is enough to get you moving in the right direction. 


When your business requires a lot of database support and API features, the Basic pack is a better option. With more solid support and quicker responses, the monthly $199 would be worth having people you can work with side by side and rely on for more complex designs. And because this tier allows for 3 Bubble apps instead of 1, you can create more tools to help your growing business shoot off the market. 


For serious businesses who want to invest in a comprehensive and high-functioning app that does it all, the Pro plan is what you should look into. All-encompassing and readily available support is what this plan offers in addition to unlimited apps and updates so you never have to choose which of your creative app ideas you can or can’t make. With unlimited apps and app updates for this plan, you can make whatever apps give your brand the advantage and utility to achieve your business goals. 


But if you’re ready to dive all-in, and build an app that’s tailored exactly as you envisioned, then the Enterprise plan is the way to go. To build a spot-on app for your brand, this plan offers unlimited priority support and a snappy 4-hour response. The premium service Bubble has to offer is at your beck and call to ensure that you get what you deserve — a full-on service that elevates your enterprise! 

Pay when you want

Every entrepreneurial venture has its priorities and a budget for every element in the company. Bubble makes itself accessible to a wider market by offering payment options, a yearly or monthly plan. 

Businesses can choose to pay monthly which is great for small businesses with a smaller budget but has the capacity to pay smaller chunks rather than a hefty whole sum or to pay for the yearly plan where companies can gain more utility and save overall expense for building an app. 

What’s Next?

Building your app doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, these flexible payment plans create more opportunities for businesses to get the best services Bubble has to offer within their budget. 

Got a support plan but need a helping hand to forge the app of your dreams? We’re the team to make it happen. Call us now

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