Five Things You Need To Do Before Launching Your App

Five Things You Need To Do Before Launching Your App

You have finally finished your app, and the time has finally come to launch it and introduce it to the world.


You dedicated time, effort, and resources for this moment; that is why it is important to make your launch successful and avoid shortcomings that could push you back.

Before you open a bottle of wine to celebrate, consider the following for a smooth-sailing experience. 

Here are five crucial tips before and during you launch your app!

It’s the most basic but one of the most important. Test your app and ensure it’s the best version before releasing it to the public. You ask your friends or workmates to use your app and listen to their suggestions for improvement or make sure there are glaring errors in your app. 

1. Test, test, test your app 

Remember, the first impression might be the last. As developers, we can always make updates to fix bugs, but we should avoid errors and provide a good experience on the user’s first try. If your app has some problems, the chances of users revising your app become very low. When’s the last time you reinstalled a lousy game on your phone? 

2. Always consider your app’s user experience and design 

Aside from testing for errors and bugs, keep in mind that even the most incredible and useful apps could fail if the user doesn’t like the design or interactivity of your app. At this point, it’s common knowledge: nice things sell faster. In that regard, determine what visual solutions work best for your target audience. 

Note that your app doesn’t need to be the grandest and sleekest designs. What you will have to keep in mind, though, is that your app’s UI should communicate exactly the message you want to send and the problems you’re set to solve. 

3. Gather feedback

Whether it’s choosing a select audience to test your app several days before your launch or running it by developers like the pros at Bubble Helpers, you’re going to want to make sure you source initial feedback before your app’s big day.

While the entire purpose of the first few weeks and months of launching an app is to see how it fairs to the public, you’ll still want to ensure that technicalities run smoothly. 

Think of it as establishing an impressive first impression. 

When your target consumers finally have access to your digital product, you’ll want your features to perform precisely how they need to. 

To avoid any mishaps or glitches, don’t shy away from reaching out to credible app development companies. 

4. Market your app

Marketing your app is also one of the most important things to do. You have to convince people to use your app because it’s useful and cool! Although, don’t come too strong, be subtle. Introduce to your target audience. We’re sure you already know who they are, but what’s important here is to focus on exactly who your prospects are and profile them to know what media message works best for them. 

Make a website and use social media platforms to reach your audience and craft messages, posters, and videos that are appealing and best suited to them to get the message across. Remember to communicate the right message to the right market in the right medium. Your media message should have an irresistible offer, or it’ll make them use your app. 

These days, social media will get you far. Use different platforms to your advantage!

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Sure, introducing anything to a paying crowd can offset a lot of pressure. But when you’re just about to launch a new product, you also have to remember to be kind to yourself. The best thing about apps today—especially no-code apps—is that you can fix a problem in days if not seconds. 

Should something not pan out the way you need it to, learn to breathe. Remember what you have control over, and let go of things you can’t. Planning can take forever, but being vigorously strict and rigid about every single detail can hamper your mental health. 

Follow a road map and iterate where possible. No one needs to get it right the first time. 

What’s Next?

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Give us a call when you can. 

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